10 Habits of Highly Productive People: How to be productive – A Guide

August 14, 2020

One of the most asked questions I get is probably:

„How do you keep up with everything going on in your life and how do you manage to be as productive as you are and maintain a good work/life balance?What are your habits to be productive?“

I have to be honest with you. Growing up I would have never considered myself as a highly productive person, but as I grew older and my blog became more successful I realized that to maintain being on top of the game with my work/travels/schedules and shoots – it’s all about having a well thought structure and building a routine to perform and be as productive as possible.

Saying that, I compiled a list of 10 Rules I follow everyday to be as productive as I can.

Wake Up early.

I wake up between 5-6 am every morning. If that sounds too early for you, start setting your wake up timer 30 minutes earlier than you usually do – every day. Step by step you will get there and you will have more time during the day. Same thing correlate with the time you go to bed. Try having a routine when you go to bed/wake up and avoid being on your phone all the time (we are all guilty of that, haha)

Plan ahead.

Plan ahead and try preparing everything like breakfast / clothing you want to wear / bags the night before. The more time you safe in the morning the more time you have to get through your schedule. I will be sharing my favorite breakfast ideas in my brand new „Food & Wine“ category that will be launching soon – stay tuned for that.

Small Goals are Key.

Don’t go over the top with your goals. That doesn’t mean to limit your dreams – no. I’m all about dreaming big, but talking about your daily tasks small goals are key and huge tasks often result in unwanted stress.

Go Offline.

The best way to be focused and get things done is to start a place of no distraction and simply turn off all possible distractions.

Clear mind.

Something I started getting into before tackling my daily agenda is to meditate. It takes some practice, but once you know how to do it, it will help you to have a clear mind. If you can’t do that, close your eyes and take a deep breathe or even go on a quick walk to get some fresh air.


If the space you are working on is full of unnecessary things, it will not only distract you but it will ruin your focus. Try to only have things around you that will help you work on your tasks. Having a clean surface will improve your work flow.

Make Priorities.

 Yes, it is important to have a social life and go out, but do you need to pull those all nighters every weekend not getting any sleep/going out/drinking. Some of us procrastinate although knowing there are tasks that are due the next days. Make those priorities to achieve your life goals.

Fuel Yourself.

See your body and mind like a cars engine. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t fuel it. Same goes with your body – the better you eat, the better you will be able to work. Try eating more healthy and start by simple steps like cutting out sugary drinks and going for a fresh cold water in the morning – add lemons or fruits for extra taste. More healthy eating habits will be shared soon.


Motivate yourself by giving yourself an incentive e.g you’re going on a nice vacation once you’ve reached a goal or treat yourself to a nice spa experience. Whatever it is – try to give yourself reasons why you should be productive.


Start today and implement these steps to your daily routine. In the end it is all for you. You do this for yourself, a better life and to be the best version of yourself. Don’t underestimate the Power of Habits – once it becomes a habit, it will become your lifestyle. There won’t be another day wasted in your life.

Let me know if you want to read more advice posts like this in near future. Feel free to let me know topics you want me to talk about in the comments. I always appreciate reading from you. All the best and let’s get productive.

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    1. Wie schön, hier einen neuen Beitrag zu sehen und auch noch so einen hilfreichen! Bin wirklich sehr guilty of nicht früh aufstehen und werde mal den 30 min-Trick erproben, denn jetzt in der Selbstständigkeit kann wirklich nur noch ich selbst mich zum frühen Aufstehen zwingen. ;P Aber auch die anderen Hinweise sind Gold wert. Dankeschön!

    1. Lieber Sami

      Dein neuer Blogpost ist super hilfreich und zudem toll geschrieben!
      Danke dafür und in Zukunft gerne mehr davon 🙂

    1. Ich liebe diese Art von Content, alles bezüglich Decluttering, Produktivität und Habits! Danke dafür.

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