Sami Slimani
Sami Slimani is one of the leading and most successful digital influencers in Europe with over 1.5 million subscribers and over 200 million views on his Youtube channel where it’s all about fashion, beauty and his lifestyle. He has created a social media empire not only as the leading male influencer in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, but with a fashion sense that helps finding the right style for his male followership worldwide, while giving styling advice and influencing trends among his demographics. As an author he wrote and released the bestselling book „Das Slimani Prinzip“ in 2014 alongside his sisters Lamiya and Dounia Slimani and sold over 110.000 copies.
Dazoon GmbH | Am Schwalbenloch 17 | 76229 Karlsruhe
Email: info@samislimani.com 
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