Cold Obsessions

I am so excited to post my first look of the year today. January means fashion week season is starting soon and I have some news to share: I was booked for my first 2 shows at BFW - so happy about that! Let me keep this really short. Winter is getting pretty cold over here and that calls for turtle necks and warm coats. If there is one thing I love splurging on its either jackets/coats or sunglasses. I finally came across…


Berlin State Of Mind

Sometimes there are days where I just feel like I need a different location for not only my pictures but also for the peace of my mind. So a few weeks back I packed my bag and chose a few outfits to shoot and went for a 6 hours road trip to Berlin. Let me tell you - it was worth it. Berlin has so many different locations to choose from - it goes from rough alleys to really beautiful buildings so…