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Quick Escape

Isn’t it crazy how easy it is to experience another culture, climate and part of the world just by hopping on a plane nowadays. That’s exactly what I did to escape the cold winter in Germany a week ago.  Not many people know this, but Dubai is one of my favorite cities in the world. So it was only normal that I would fly out there, while working on projects to make this year great again. Having the privilege to live…


Cold Obsessions

I am so excited to post my first look of the year today. January means fashion week season is starting soon and I have some news to share: I was booked for my first 2 shows at BFW - so happy about that! Let me keep this really short. Winter is getting pretty cold over here and that calls for turtle necks and warm coats. If there is one thing I love splurging on its either jackets/coats or sunglasses. I finally came across…


Winter Menswear Streetstyle Inspiration 2017

  Today I wanted to share a few pictures from a recent shooting I did to give you guys a little bit of inspiration on what to wear this winter season. My color scheme is really settle with a lot of material mixes and layers. Take this as your daily dose of inspiration and I will make sure to share even more posts like this with you, my readers. Let me know how you like the in the comments – i…



Auf einen meiner letzten Reisen nach Berlin, entdeckte ich diese ganz besondere Jacke von Karl by Karl Lagerfeld. Anfangs angetan vom Material und dem Design, entdeckte ich bei der Anprobe, dass man diese Jacke auf 2 Seiten tragen kann. Die eine Seite mit einer netzartigen schwarzen Struktur und die andere Seite in einem matten Silber. Während 2015 Metallics stark im Kommen waren, sind es in diesem Jahr die Matten Farben, die sich den Weg in die Kleiderschränke aller modebewussten Menschen…


Berlin State Of Mind

Sometimes there are days where I just feel like I need a different location for not only my pictures but also for the peace of my mind. So a few weeks back I packed my bag and chose a few outfits to shoot and went for a 6 hours road trip to Berlin. Let me tell you - it was worth it. Berlin has so many different locations to choose from - it goes from rough alleys to really beautiful buildings so…